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PDS, Artists Collective, Dancing with the Stars of New Music Trends with Dance album

Richmond, VA — As breakout star Lil Nas X musical style (Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus and other songs) might describe as hip hop, pop rap, country rap, trap, pop rock, pop, and rock; same can be said for style mixed of PDS 22 original songs on new album release PDS “Dance.”

DJ’s choreographers’ dancers anyone that love dance or music period should pay attention to this album as PDS has songs for everyone that wants to move! Multi-musical genres mix of original dance songs unparalleled to what you’ve already heard that’s out low to up-tempo energetic motivating and heart felt tracks PDS even included bilingual and multilingual songs. Dance will keep you moving at the party, club, ballroom, gym, festive occasions. You can preview all 22 tracks online: The album is available now worldwide most all online stores!

In celebration of today’s new release, HNA Music (Label for PDS) has taken a deep dive into their star power. Check out the Music videos out and visit website: on more releases and what to come with the artist collective PDS and see just how impressive these global record-breaking artists are —together and apart.

PDS, an artist collective operating independently under the music label and publisher HNA Music (BMI), was founded with a singular vision – to bring a new and unique dance style and contemporary inspirational songs to the world.

Their approach transcends conventional boundaries as a multicultural vibe, promising a musical journey like no other!

Watch/Listen PDS – Dance (new album official trailer, preview) on: Instagram: TikTok: Apple Music (Preview link): Youtube:



The debut dance album full-length release from PDS artist collective includes tracks 1 DJ (Club Mix) 2 Say The Words 3 Sympathetic Lies 4 Royalty 5 Money Dance [PDS Jackson] 6 Lay You Down 7 Your Llfe 8 Why Lie Why Cheat 9 Miss U Kidd (Bilingual) (EXTD) 10 Whip N Drive (Reprise) 11 Pushin’ (Funky) 12 Down For Whatever (DFW) 13 Dance.wav 14 With This 15 Leavin’ U 16 All Work (Babe Babe) 17 Bailamos 18 Move 19 Cruising 20 Love Dance (Romance) 21 Oh Baby Boy (Multilingual) 22 Techno Journey (AI).


Name: HNA Music
Address: PO BOX 1704, Richmond, VA
Phone: 8048616761



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