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NEW HEAT ALERT Crimson TGS-WE ARE LIVING (Anti Bullying song)

Crimson TGS just released their newest single "We Are Living." Another single, which they used their voice to make a stance and hopefully end the issues, which affect us all. For those who don't already know who Crimson TGS, allow me to introduce them.

They are a talented music group, who use their music to make a difference in the world and fight for victims everywhere.

To stand up against bullying and touch the hearts of all victims of this horrible crisis, they released "We Are Living." The song doesn't just let the victims know they are "SUPERSTARS" and give them HOPE, yet it also reaches out to the family members, who unfortunately loss loved ones to this tragic crisis. More people, artist need to speak up against this issue, yet not many comes forward. They are so dedicated to helping these victims that all proceeds from this song go to charity.

They didn't stop there. They have dedicated "Tip Your Hats Off" to all those suffering with cancer or who have lost a loved one to cancer. Unfortunately, they have experienced heartache first hand from this horrible disease losing one of their own. Therefore, not only do they use their music to reach those sadden by this disease, they use the proceeds from this song to hopefully finally find a cure or help a family struggling with this horrible disease.

Support, love, and follow Crimson TGS to be inspired and help others through their music! You can hear all these songs and join the fight to help others by linking to them at the following:

Listen to We Are Living (Anti Bullying Song) Here

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