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Marking a Harmonious Journey from Music Enthusiast to Original Song Producer – Hamid Cocker Amazes All

Embracing a lifelong passion for music, Hamid Cocker is producing original songs that underscore his undeniable versatility

New Hyde Park, NY —June 30th, 2023 – A seasoned artist-producer who is marking his resurgence after years of enjoying music as a beloved hobby, Hamid Cocker remains unparalleled. A diligent and creative artist, Hamid has envisioned the release of seven captivating songs on major streaming platforms since last year, collaborating with his talented younger sister, Dr. Rubina Cocker as the lyricist and the seasoned composer George Petersen from Cats Paw Records.

The artist’s musical voyage traces back to his school days when the electrifying tunes of Rock and Roll dominated the airwaves. With unfettered enthusiasm, he found joy in singing popular 60s pop songs with school bands and later with renowned bands in Nairobi, his hometown. While pursuing higher education and a successful career managing the Pharmaceutical Division at Bayer Pharmaceuticals for over three decades, Hamid never let go of his musical passion.

A proponent of keeping a healthy body and mind, Hamid is also a fitness enthusiast with a passion for staying abreast of current affairs. A versatile changemaker, Hamid hosts a website which serves as a platform for expressing his thoughts through blog writing. Effortlessly transitioning between Western and Indian songs, his music pays homage to iconic, peerless artists and sound makers.

Hamid’s debut album, self-titled “Hamid Cocker,” was launched in May 2022 and comprises three captivating songs: “Unforgettable Love,” “The Departed,” and “Ya Vas Lublu.” The album has received a resounding positive response, becoming fan favorites among his dedicated followers.

Adding a festive touch, Hamid released two Christmas songs, “Christmas in New York” and “Christmas Will Be Here,” towards the end of the year, further showcasing his musical versatility.

With a goal to release a song every two to three months, Hamid and his team prioritize the richness of lyrics and the relatability of the story they tell to move audiences through their craft.

Visit Hamid Cocker’s official website and explore and experience his captivating melodies. Follow his YouTube channel, HamidCocker@hamidcocker6968, to stay updated with his latest releases. For interviews, collaborations, reach out to the artist and witness his amazing journey.



Deeply rooted in Rhythm & Blues and the Rock And Roll era Hamid Cocker has always found special reprieve in strumming and singing the music of his genre. Music has always studded his multifaceted life that includes long years of managing a pharmaceutical company and nurturing a successful family.

Hamid Cocker is a retired business executive who headed the pharmaceutical division of Bayer East Africa ( BEA) for thirty three years. A scientist at heart who majored in Biochemistry and in business administration (MBA), Hamid has continued to wear many different hats throughout his career. Some of the highlights include major successes & launches of pharmaceutical drugs in Kenya and surrounding countries in East Africa.

While he was based in Nairobi, Kenya, he also showcased his talent in acting by participating in musical plays such as “Fiddler on the Roof” & “Heritage & Melody” that received regional recognition. Since 2013, Hamid has also been an active member of a musical group YICG (Young Indian Cultural Group).


Hamid Cocker
Name: Abdul Hamid Cocker



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