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Lord Salaam New Blazin Single “2 Steppin”

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC — Grand View Music Group/Symphonic Distribution releases the newest single “2 Steppin” by Lord Salaam. This is the first release of Grand View Music Group under the distributor Symphonic and Lord Salaam is making a big statement with his single “2 Steppin.”

When Outkast had made the statement that “The South had something to say.” No one ever envisioned or even thought about North Charleston, South Carolina as being included in this statement. The evidence of North Charleston (Tha Chuck) voice (Lord Salaam) will get the chance to be heard, on your favorite music services, Friday, September 9th.

When Lord Salaam was asked about how he felt about South Carolina being overlooked by the music industry. He responded “My intro at the beginning of “2 Steppin was my mission statement and it says it all. “Y’all ni@@as are gonna have to pay for what y’all did. There’s a receipt that comes with that bulls##t.”

Lord Salaam said that he was in a dark place and he was writing too many songs about his pain. He had wanted to step out of his comfort zone and step outside the box. On “2 Steppin,” he delivers a boxing match between his lyrics and the music production.

Friday, September 9th will consummate the musical relationship between Grand View Music Group and Symphonic Distribution. So if the upcoming single”2 Steppin” is an example of what’s to come in the near future. Lord Salaam has set a high bar for himself to live up to.

Every artist has a story to tell but what is it that he has, is a testimony. Here’s a link to download for free “Lessons Learned.” Hit the link below to download.

Visit the official website for Lord Salaam




Lord Salaam is an independent recording artist from North Charleston, South Carolina. Lord Salaam provides an insight into his life on songs such as “Haunted By,” which is available on all DSP for streaming and downloading. He also has “I’s Him” and “Class Beings that feature Money Mayes” that are also available for you to stream and download on your favorite music service. For more information, music, and artist merchandise, please go visit Lord Salaam’s official website:

For pre-save links to Lord Salaam music, hit the link below


Lord Salaam
Name: Jametruis Judge Sr
Address: 4680 Gaynor Avenue, NORTH CHARLESTON, SC
Phone: 8435977731



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