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Latin, Rap, Reggae, and Hip Hop Beyond Borders- Versatile Powerhouse El Diabolo Drops Solo Album ‘Vale Mas Kel Oro’

Resonating amidst a wide variety of audiences, El Diablo brings a vibrant new color to the world of music with his exciting solo release

Montréal, Quebec, Canada —June 23rd, 2023 – Exuding a characteristic passion and an infectious energy, El Diabolo’s music has found its own presence across musical genres. With the much-awaited release of his solo record- “Vale Mas Kel Oro” El Diabolo, a versatile artist hailing from Montreal, hopes to make waves in the music industry with his unique fusion of Latin, Rap, Reggae, and Hip Hop.

Having unveiled a highly anticipated album, “Vale Mas Kel Oro,” El Diabolo aims to captivate audiences and showcase his diverse musical talents. Having embarked on his artistic journey back in 2004, El Diabolo was a member of the renowned group 5ALIVE M.T.L., which produced two albums that have garnered widespread popularity on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

El Diablo and the group’s multicultural music resonated with audiences from all walks of life, and they performed numerous striking shows throughout Montreal. Currently venturing into his solo career, El Diabolo has unveiled his renditions in “Vale Mas Kel Oro,” an album that epitomizes the value of life and the pursuit of excellence.

Having dropped for listeners in March 2023, the debut solo release features El Diabolo’s signature style and showcases his ability to seamlessly switch between singing in Spanish, French, and a touch of English. With his music, El Diabolo aims to connect with listeners on a deep level.

Without doubt, each moving track on “Vale Mas Kel Oro” is meticulously crafted to make people dance, reflect, and embrace different styles of music. As an artist, El Diabolo defies categorization, considering himself a complete artist rather than simply a rapper or a reggaeton artist.

El Diablo’s creative journey doesn’t stop with “Vale Mas Kel Oro” as he is already setting sights on his second album, further showcasing his dedication to his craft.

Stream and download El Diabolo’s new music and experience the breadth and excitement which he brings to the genre! Follow the artist on social media for updates on new and upcoming releases, and feel free to reach out for interviews, collaborations, or any other inquiries.



El Diabolo is a multi-genre artist and powerhouse who has been in the music scene since 2004, beginning his journey as a part of the collective known as 5ALIVE M.T.L. Together with the group, the artist produced two albums that have gained significant traction on popular platforms. The group’s music showcases a multicultural fusion, appealing to diverse audiences across Montreal.

El Diabolo has only recently released his debut solo album, “Vale Mas kel Oro,” under his artist name. The title of the album holds a deep significance for El Diabolo, reflecting his belief that life is more precious than gold. Drawing inspiration from his Mexican roots and upbringing in various neighborhoods of Montreal, he has developed a unique musical style that transcends traditional labels. Fluent in Spanish, French, and with a touch of English, El Diabolo skillfully blends these languages to create a truly captivating sound.


El Diabolo
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