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JRW 21 Unleashes a Trilogy of Electrifying Albums – Feel the Energy with “Eclectic,” “Supernatural,” and “The Best Of”

Taking life’s real experiences to the rhythmic symphonies of music, JRW 21 paves his way forward with an inventive musical revolution

Sacramento, CaliforniaJRW 21’s musical odyssey began in the lively corridors of Paso Robles High School in California, where he launched his own Mobile DJ Business. The artist’s innate talent soon propelled him into collaborations with renowned radio-sponsored DJ companies, setting the stage for what seemed like a promising career.

However, fate had different plans. A deployment to Iraq with the 7th Corps, 51st Signal Battalion, 22nd Signal Brigade, not only tested his resolve but also prematurely ended his military career. Amidst the chaos, music emerged as his sanctuary, a medium through which he could both express and heal himself.

The aftermath of war led JRW 21 to Germany, where the burgeoning EDM scene of the early ’90s became his new battleground. Clubs like the legendary Dorian Gray and experiences at The Love Parade in Berlin and Ibiza infused his music with an eclectic blend of techno, trance, and house. This formative period marked a significant transformation in his artistic vision, culminating in the unique sound that defines his latest releases.

“Eclectic,” “Supernatural,” and “The Best Of” are albums that offer crucial windows into JRW 21’s soul, showcasing a fusion of early ’80s New Wave and Synth Pop with the modern dynamics of EDM. His bold and exciting music is a tribute to the likes of Chicane, PVD, and Depeche Mode, yet it resonates with a distinct voice that is all his own. Through these releases, JRW 21 demonstrates his prowess in crafting tunes that not only move the body but also stir the spirit.

Back in California, JRW 21 is focused on refining his sound, rhythm, and style. His work offers an invitation to explore the realms of electronic music, where each beat tells a story of struggle, resilience, and redemption. As JRW 21 embarks on this new chapter, he extends a hand to his audience, encouraging them to join him in celebrating the transformative power of music!

For those who wish to dive deeper into the sonic world of JRW 21, his albums and singles are readily available across major platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and Apple Music! JRW 21 opens his doors to collaboration, inviting radio hosts, DJs, producers, influencers, columnists, and labels to connect and share in his journey of creativity and endurance.



Amid the vibrant cityscapes of Sacramento, California, Jesus Rafael Weber, known by his stage name JRW 21, has emerged as a beacon of electronic music, intertwining his tumultuous past with the pulsating rhythms of EDM. With the release of three compelling albums in March 2024 — “Eclectic,” “Supernatural,” and “The Best Of” — JRW 21 invites listeners on a sonic journey that traverses the depths of his soul and the breadth of his musical influences. At the core of the artist’s work lies a profound narrative, one that traces his evolution from a military serviceman in Iraq to a pioneering force in the electronic music scene.


JRW 21
Name: Jesus Rafael Weber

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