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International Fusion: VaughnBornFamous and Tidow Beats Unleash an Explosive Collaboration in “Misaligned” (EP)

Los Angeles, Califronia — The stars are not just aligned; they’re orchestrating a cosmic symphony as the “MisAligned” (EP) is challenging perceptions and redefining what music can be. With two visuals and the EP well over 100K combined streams, this transatlantic message is getting across the globe.  American pop sensation and lyricist VaughnBornFamous (VBF) joins forces with the German-based producer Tidow Beats in a groundbreaking project – “Misaligned”

What makes this alliance extraordinary? VaughnBornFamous, with his rhythmic vocal prowess, and Tidow Beats, known for his meticulous and innovative production techniques, fuse their artistry to craft a euphonic symphony that transcends genres. The EP’s four tracks are rich tapestries woven with themes as diverse as artificial intelligence, the intricacies of relationships, an adrenaline-pumping workout anthem, and an enthralling James Bond-themed track.

In an exclusive interview, VBF shared insights into the creative process, saying, “Crafting music with Tidow Beats was like painting on a limitless canvas, and being able to talk about something like Artificial Intelligence in my music is definitely one for the current times. This project made us pioneers. The first to talk about a major issue like A.I. in music, the first-ever Artificial Intelligence Music Video by an official artist. A lot of firsts.”

Watch Artificial Love (A.I. Video) on Youtube:

Tidow Beats, usually a man of few words, couldn’t help but express his admiration for VBF. He remarked, “When I embarked on this project, I was simply seeking a vocalist – but what I found in VBF was an alchemist of sound. The sheer magnetism of his voice, coupled with his relentless dedication, has been awe-inspiring. He doesn’t just deliver; he transcends expectations. From contributing inventive ideas to refining lyrics, VBF is a creative whirlwind. His voice has an electrifying range that knows no bounds. Working with VBF hasn’t just raised the bar; it’s set an entirely new standard. He is an untapped reservoir of talent whose voice deserves to reverberate across the continents.”

”Misaligned” (EP) is available now, on all platforms. A new video for “Doomsday Rage” is set for release today which aims at challenging the insights of those enthralled by the latest A.I. craze and even predicts a grim future due to Artificial Intelligence. Be sure to check out the “Doomsday Rage” video and MisAligned. VBF and Tidow have curated an auditory journey. A masterwork of sound and showmanship.

This is not merely an EP; it’s an experience.  A transatlantic sonic adventure.

The collaborative genius of VaughnBornFamous and Tidow Beats sets the stage ablaze. American sensation VaughnBornFamous, with his electrifying vocals, teams up with German producer Tidow Beats. The fusion of their disparate musical backgrounds has conjured an alchemy of sound that is nothing short of spectacular.  Their creative energies have melded to challenge the status quo, pushing the boundaries of what music can be. MisAligned now available on all platforms. 

Visit the MisAligned official website for News, Music, Videos, and Merchandise.




VaughnBornFamous, often dubbed as “Born Famous,” is not just a musician; he’s a tidal wave in the boundless ocean of the multi-genre music industry. With his potent concoction of electrifying verbal cadence, irresistibly catchy hooks, and soul-baring songwriting, he has firmly cemented himself as the luminary of the Pop-Rock realm. His versatile discography is like a treasure chest, filled with gems that don daring narratives, diverse styles, and deftly crafted flows that challenge the conventional boundaries of Pop, Hip-Hop, and RnB.

VaughnBornFamous’ creative odyssey is deeply rooted in personal experiences, with songs that take you on a roller-coaster ride through the throes of Loss, Love, the glitz of Stardom, the whirlwind of Party Life, and the raw essence of Struggle. Hailing from the vibrant crossroads of New Jersey and New York, he burst into the music scene under the stage name Vaughn, captivating the airwaves with his debut mixtape series, “Natural Born Sinner.” This breakthrough offering earned him accolades and recognition, igniting the sparks that would fuel his stellar ascent. In 2021, a bold and audacious move saw him transcend genres with the release of “Drifter” – a track that roared through the charts, marking his triumphant entry into the US Billboard Hot 100. But VaughnBornFamous didn’t just stop there. He unveiled a cascade of hits, including his exquisite studio album series “The Art of Love 1, 2, 3,” “UYB,” “Live Fast,” and “Re-Born.” These releases not only stole hearts but heralded the dawn of Pop-Rock’s new guardian.

Tidow Beats is the alchemist of sound for MisAligned. A German producer with ambitions of being a Mega Producer.


VaughnBornFamous & Tidow Beats
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