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Igniting Positivity with Heartfelt, Inspiring, and Original Texas Music – Tim St. Clair’s Amazes New Album ‘Running’

An explosive, vibrant, and creative mix, ‘Running’ represents Tim St. Clair’s effortless ability to weave personal connections through original songwriting

Euless, Texas — August 2nd, 2022 —  With unapologetically original flair and effortless songwriting skills, Tim St. Clair has inked himself as a fascinating name in the Texas music scene. His exciting, groundbreaking prowess is witnessed best in his new album, “Running”, which was dropped for audiences on July 17th, 2022, on the artist’s official music platforms.

An explosion of creativity, originality, and breadth, “Running” presents audiences a good look into the mesmerizing skills and talents that Tim St. Clair possesses. “Running” is a heartfelt, raw, and intimate exploration of true to form life experiences that the artist has undergone, relatable to all audiences.

Since his 2019 release, Tim St.Clair has been following his passion in music while continuing to be inspired by love, life, family, and friends. Channeling his life challenges and setbacks into art, the artist’s new album “Running” is a truly emotional ride, making listeners resonate with their own memories and experiences.

Sculpting a deep personal connection through his touching content, Tim St. Clair takes audiences to another place and time. A unique, dynamic mix of ideas and feelings, “Running” exudes a refreshing, newfound style and appeal.

Composed by Tim St. Clair and musical composer-producer Ben Miller, the new album emanates an organic feel and presents a vibrant blend of diverse musical styles, with each track promising a new emotion, energy, and feeling.

“I feel when someone hears something that touches them emotionally -I am doing something right.
Every song is made upon its own idea. These songs I create have their own flavor, so I would suggest you keep trying them till you find your favorite!” says Tim St. Clair regarding his new drop.

Visit Tim St. Clair’s website and purchase, stream, and experience the new album! Add the artist’s exciting new songs to your playlists and spread the word about “Running”! Contact the artist on social media to share how the album impacted you and for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations. Follow Tim St. Clair on his social media for updates on new music.



Tim St.Clair  is promising independent singer-songwriter who plays in local spots in Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth and other smaller surrounding areas. Playing by himself for several years, Tim St. Clair remains motivated and energized by the live audience experience and crowed reaction when they really like his songs.

Getting a full band had always been a goal for the artist, but the time in putting one together was taking away from the time he was putting in his projects, so he placed his goal on hold. The inspiration in writing his original music stems comes from his many life experiences, challenges, personal life, and imagination. The artist puts in his efforts in making music that he would want to hear.

Moving forward, the artist aims to create even more new and original music that motivates listeners and fills them with feelings and emotions.

Name: Tim St Clair
Address: 1301 Driftwood Drive, Euless, Texas



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