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Hot New Single “Chase A Check” By Foreign Izzy

Welch, West Virginia — Foreign Izzy releases new single “Chase A Check on all major platforms with this new single Foreign Izzy hopes to gain new fans and getting ready to work on his next project for a mixtape he will be releasing through his label Big Band Gang LLC.

Foreign Izzy has a unique sound with his flow he uses in the latest track “Chase A Check”. Unlike Foreign Izzy normal sound this song is full with energetic lyrics about chasing money the song is so catchy and unique fans tend to pull more towards that style of music from the young star.

Foreign Izzy is looking for the hottest new artist for his label he has a independent music label and offers distribution Artists keep 100% royalties and will receive 1 month off free promotion.

Big Band Gang LLC is a label owned by Foreign Izzy. BBG is a Independent label based in Welch, West Virginia found July, 22nd  2022

For the past 4 years Foreign Izzy has been releasing music on major platforms he looks to take the music industry by storm with the way he makes music he feels that he brings a different energy to music

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Foreign Izzy has a fan funnel that offers fans free downloads and Merch if u sign up to be a subscriber to Foreign Izzy fan website.




Foreign Izzy is a 24 year old from Welch, West Virginia. Born June 11th 1998. Foreign Izzy grew up in Bluefield, Virginia


Foreign Izzy
Name: Foreign Izzy



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