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Hitmaker Bill Hicks and Legendary Producer Neal James Reignite the Blues Scene with “She’ll Never Know”

Blues Hitmakers returns with a stirring new single and music video, promising a year of musical innovation and emotional storytelling with a groove!

Nashville, Tennessee —The year 2024 marks a monumental phase in the career of Bill Hicks as he unveils a full-length CD album under the prestigious Aladdin Recordings label. This compilation features 11 new original songs, and potentially includes a bonus track, making it a pivotal addition to the blues genre.

This release is strategically bolstered by selective single song and video debuts, crafted to amplify its impact within the blues community and beyond. Neal James, a legendary figure known for his deft handling and nurturing of top-tier musical talent, brings his seasoned expertise to this collaboration, solidifying its standing as a beacon of high-quality music production.

The creative process behind the production of the current single and video, “She’ll Never Know,” was a journey through iconic music locales, with Nashville, TN serving as the central hub. Known for its profound musical heritage, Nashville provided the perfect backdrop, with its top blues studio musicians, esteemed engineers, and producers playing pivotal roles in the realization of this project. These sessions were complemented by a visually striking music video shot across the scenic landscapes of Indiana and Kentucky, employing a skilled team of top video producers and camera operators to capture the song’s narrative visually.

“She’ll Never Know” is now available on major music download and streaming sites, inviting listeners to delve into its deep blues and compelling, story-driven lyrics. The music video further enriches the auditory experience and can be viewed on various platforms, including YouTube, providing fans with a glimpse into the creative realms of Bill Hicks and Neal James.

For enthusiasts eager to engage more deeply with his artistry, Bill Hicks is accessible for interviews, and his performances can be experienced live, hopefully soon, at upcoming shows, festivals, events and concerts. This ongoing partnership doesn’t just promise exceptional music; it sets a high bar for the authenticity and emotional depth that the blues genre can offer, thereby ensuring that each release is not just heard but felt deeply by its audience.



Blues sensation Bill Hicks, together with the legendary producer Neal James, has once again captured the essence of Americana/Blues with their latest release, “She’ll Never Know.” This dynamic duo continues to electrify the music world, gaining significant attention on both national and international stages. The single, characterized by its deeply heartfelt lyrics and a compelling musical arrangement, showcases Bill Hicks’ exceptional talent for creating uniquely original and emotionally resonant songs. His ability to blend narrative depth with musical innovation marks him as a prophetic figure in the genre. Neal James, a revered figure in the music industry, adheres to his core philosophy that ‘the song comes first.’

The artist’s expertise ensures that every track they produce is not merely heard but profoundly felt by the audience. This collaboration highlights their shared commitment to quality and emotional depth, making each release a significant event in the blues and broader music community. Their continued partnership promises to keep their music relevant and transformative, continually setting new standards for the Americana/Blues genre.


Bill J Hicks
Name: Neal James Productions
Address: PO Box 121738, Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Phone: 615/726-3556



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