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Creating Waves in the World of Pop Music – Bobby and The Crew Unveil Immersive New Single

‘Conqueror of Love’ is winning hearts and being played on playlists on repeat around the world

Fosser, Aurskoghøland, Norway — What started in 2009 as a group of artists coming together for their common love of creating music, has quickly evolved into one of the most cherished and memorable band stories of all time. Bobby and The Crew started in 2009, and were led by Bobby Benton, who also spearheaded with their lyricism pursuits with his sensational writing and producing.

Over the years, Bobby and The Crew (BATC) has seen some changes in the core crew. Currently, BATC is run by 3 ambitious musicians who perfectly embibe the spirit of the band, and fully understand and espouse the cardinal principles of alternative rock, pop, and indie. The band has been making headlines in the industry yet again owing to the release of their latest single, titled ‘Conqueror of Love’, which was out for the masses on January 15th, 2022.

The single itself is an incomparable feel-good song that reminds the audience of a perfect, sultry summer night. BATC have gifted fans and first time listeners with this exquisite piece of music which defies all convention as a pop song as it opts for horns and percussive instruments more than synthesisers and electronic beats. These choices, coupled with the unparalleled lyricism Bobby brings to the table make this particular song so captivating and distinguishable in a sea of pop songs. Although their preferred genre is alternative rock, BATC prove that they can deliver quality music in any sphere of music they choose to venture – their massive success with Conqueror of Love being proof enough.

As a song, Conqueror of Love works in all the ways you would expect a pop song to, and more. The music and lyrics flow together, as if immersed in gel, and the majestic aura that hides beneath poignant vocals transports listeners to a dreamy dance hall. What gives the song a feeling of grandeur in particular is the chorus that gels in the vocal and percussion. There is a certain liveliness to Bobby and The Crew that speaks to the skill and vision of BATC as a group, and it is no wonder that they are turning heads in the industry even today.

Go to to discover their discography, and to find out more about Bobby and The Crew. Feel free to reach out to the artist via the email address provided, and make sure to follow the band on all the social media handles listed below to stay up to date with their latest releases.




Bobby and the Crew came into existence in 2009 when Bobby Benton manifested the awestruck dream he had ever since he was a 10 year old kid who heard a rock band playing in the park. Even as a 10 year old, Bobby could appreciate the feeling of bass in the ground, and how it urged him to move his body. He was also particularly struck by how loud the music was and how it sounded like. Bobby started to learn the guitar from his mother, and started writing music from the age of 12. He kept at it until he started BATC, a band making headlines today due to their latest single titled ‘Conqueror of Love.


Bobby And The Crew
Name: bjørn Wahl
Address: mosebakken13, Fosser, Aurskoghøland, Norway
Phone: 91349616



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