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Brittney Joiner (Bri) Exclusive Interview by: Chef Carlton Haynes

The singer, song writer, choir director and musician herself she knows the importance of polishing her own star. She is now being recognized as the next
young female bringing heat out of the Midwest, being compared to the likes of
Aaliyah, Hanna Montana and Raven Symone ....That's right DV8 fans she is all that
This is The Chef and I'm telling you this young lady is the total package and is only
15 and she is blazing the stage with her confidence, innocence yet cool
disposition folks I'm talking about Brittney Joiner AKA (Bri) .

Bri the multi-talented female artist from St. Louis has been crankin’ out tunes for a long while and she is only 15, with her own unique style. She will one day be the queen of R & B and hip hop. Her latest single Hopscotch is quickly making its move at all the radio stations in St. Louis area with her album coming out right behind it.
I had the chance to meet up with Bri to get a little insight about this beautiful you lady so we can see why she is that star in the making.

The Chef - I would like to take this time to welcome Bri to the DV8 interview session.

Bri – Thanks for inviting me

The Chef - So Bri can you tell our viewers some of the things you’re working on now?

Bri – Currently I am putting the finishing touches on my demo and I am about halfway done with my album

The Chef - What is an average day consist of for Bri?

Bri – A day in the life of Bri is not the average. (lol) I wake up go to school come home do my homework, rehearse my dance moves for the stage hit the studio with Laudie, Sir Issac, Tim or Phil which can take anywhere from four to seven hours on a week night come home finish my homework and finally sleep

The Chef - You’re such a young talent just starting out. How do you overcome the nervousness that comes with being on the big stage?

Bri – Well, I have been in love with the stage since birth! Fine arts have been a huge part of my life since I was three years old. Sometimes if I get nervous I will just tell myself push harder and give it all I have there is no way someone wont like what they see

The Chef - Okay tell me about this Hop Scotch song and dance.

Bri – Hopscotch started out as a joke really. Sir Issac, Tendai Morris, my mother and myself were in the studio and we wanted something fun, catchy and bouncy but also original at the same time we came up with the concept of hopscotch and later added Prep Boi and Diamond Doll to the song as well

The Chef - What were the challenges you faced trying to make it in the entertainment world?

Bri –HATERS! There were and still are a lot of people who try to discourage me and stop me by creating rumors or just being plain ignorant but I pay those types of people no attention because whether they know it or not they only create more fuel for me to keep going on harder and stronger than I ever could be

The Chef - Was there anything that you were afraid of that you had to overcome to achieve your goals.

Bri – No not really, I am confident in myself and I have a lot of self respect and of course my mom all of these things help me get through everything that comes at me

The Chef - What kind of advice would you give another young person who wants to get into this business?

Bri – I would just say don’t be afraid of criticizing people. There will always be people who don’t like your material but chances are they are the people who can’t get you a record deal. Have respect for yourself as well as your fellow artist and don’t let the little things get you down keep pushing and don’t be afraid of the stage! lol

The Chef - What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as you’ve develop your career?

Bri- I would say the most important thing I have learned is better stage presence. Not to say that I didn’t have it when I first came in the game but as I began to do more shows and get my name out in the world I learned what my audience liked to see and didn’t like to see and the crowd and the fans are really the people who make the artist into what they become, without them what’s the point?

The Chef - What do you want people to take away with them after watching, listening,or reading about you?

Bri – I want my crowd to leave my performance saying WOW that girl might be short (petite) but she has a powerful, captivating voice and she can command her stage NO DOUBT!

The Chef - So what do you see yourself doing after finishing high school?

Bri – After high school I plan on being a singer, actress and model and already have my career as a national artist booming by then however I also plan to attend college. Most likely a school of music in either New York, Florida, California, or Chicago

The Chef - Can you tell our readers what to look for when your album comes out.

Bri – When my album drops I want the world to get a feel of what my life is like. All of my songs reflect me and things that I have been through so when the album debuts I want people to be able to connect my music to their life as well.

The Chef – You’re a teenager. do you make time to do things other teenagers your age do like sleep overs, movies stuff like that?

Bri – Honestly, I very rarely get to hang out with my friends as much as I want to. I am usually in the studio, at a performance or at rehearsal. But I won’t say never because I do get to hang around sometimes we might hit the mall or a movie.

The Chef - So stage plays is something you truly care about is it going to be a main stay for you?

Bri - YES!!! I love the stage and I try to see as many productions as much as possible. I just saw The Color Purple at the Fox Theater here in St. Louis and it was AMAZING! Something about the stage and performing and watching other talented people show off what they can do brings up something inside that I just LOVE.

The Chef - What is your favorite food to eat?

Bri- lol funny question…I like Soul food but only by my granny especially her sweet potatoes, my mom’s food, and my auntie. I love sea food too. Well I really like all foods as long as it taste good?

I just want to say a star is born everyday and I heard this many times before but today I witnessed it first hand. Today I can honestly say that there is proof of at least one bright star's birth!

I just want to thank Brittney and her crew for coming out and having this interview with me and I know there will be many more in the future because she has the potential to make it .

If any of you would like to book Bri to perform at your next event you can contact Lil Rashkals Ent LLC

The Handicapped Chef, Carlton Haynes is owner of Triple H Catering and Consulting service/ for more information E-mail us

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