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Text Alerts

Rappers, writers, poets and singers if you want to get that project to your fan base then you need to look into TextAlerts...Whether you run a non-profit business looking to increase sales, or represent an organization that simply wants to be able to reach your members quickly and affordably, TextAlertz is the perfect solution. That's because text marketing can be as…


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Brittney Joiner (Bri) Exclusive Interview by: Chef Carlton Haynes

The singer, song writer, choir director and musician herself she knows the importance of polishing her own star. She is now being recognized as the next

young female bringing heat out of the Midwest, being compared to the likes of

Aaliyah, Hanna Montana and Raven Symone ....That's right DV8 fans she is all that

This is The Chef and I'm telling you this young lady is the total package and is only

15 and she is blazing the stage with… Continue

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Bemad llc Exclusive Interview (Part I

In the late 1980's when the music world was being transformed, entrepreneur Darrio Green formed , FULANI. Inc an innovative and revolutionary company. With the music industry growing and dance music making its move into the main stream, there was a void in the area of professional management for new artists, especially where DJ and producers were concerned so with the help of his brother they decided to get involved in the development of the artist,… Continue

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Coming Out For Obama

The primary party I co-hosted last night was fantastic. Although my friend and I didn’t organize it in support of a specific candidate, the 200+ guest who attended turned out to be staunch Obama supporters. I made a beautiful Obama ‘08 cake (above), a man brought fresh donuts because they’re “O-shaped and delicious”, followed by the cocktail party my company provided, and most everyone sported both their trilingual “I Voted!” stickers and something… Continue

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A Conversation with G. Garvin

Hello everyone this is The Handicapped Chef Carlton Haynes, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of America's Top Chef’s of the Culinary World, Mr G. Garvin. Read on for what makes this man stand by the fire and take the heat. You'll even get a tip or two to on how to make Super Simple food you prepare to taste delicious! Before coming to TV One, G. Garvin was the executive chef and co-owner of a L.A. restaurant, which in less than a year earned top… Continue

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DV8 Weekly Exclusive Interview w/ C-Loc - 512

DV8 Weekly Exclusive Interview w/ C-Loc by: The Chef

He has gained recognition and developed a fan base by performing at shows throughout Texas and Arkansas.

His music is all over the map in regards to music sites which would be too numerous to list. He is featured in as the only unsigned artist side by side with major artist. He has won several showcase competitions in Houston.

His single “I Look Good… Continue

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Erick Sermon And Parrish Smith : Twenty Four Hour Business

If you’re reading this Hip Hop this article and don’t know the basic bio info for Erick Sermon and his partner-in-rhyme Parrish Smith, kill yourself. No introduction should really be needed for the green-eyed bandit, and in his recent conversation online conversation with The Chef , the E in EPMD made it abundantly clear that he and P won’t be straining to formally reintroduce themselves to a new generation of Hip Hop fans on their first… Continue

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Millennium Hip-Hop Party The Old School Continue's

One of Rhino's main gifts as a record label is that they know a good gimmick when they see it, and there's no better gimmick than the millennium. Hence, their series of Millennium Party albums. None of the Millennium discs demonstrate much imagination, but they do make a good argument that sometimes it's better to stick to the basics. For instance, Millennium Hip-Hop Party contains 18 tracks, most of them hits from the Bush era, but also a couple of… Continue

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This Is Why Rapper MIMS Likes His food Hot

Whats up hip hop world this is your boy The Handicapped Chef, down town Louisville Kentucky hanging with one of the hottest rappers on the scene right now Mims. Mims has allowed me a chance to hang out and talk food with him then do a 4 day online interveiw with him while he is on the road.

“I love shrimp—cocktail shrimp, shrimp-fried rice, anything that deals with shrimp and I loved that jumbo shrimp

platter you made… Continue

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GRiT Boys, Ghetto Reality in Texas

An evening with Houston's GRiT Boys

By The Handicapped Chef, Carlton Haynes

It's always a good idea to judge people by the way that they look, right? Well, it turns out that once-infallible methodology may be kind of, well, wrong. At first glance, the GRiT Boys appear to be more of the ­stereotype-reinforcing thug rappers who are strangling hip-hop's originality to death, when in fact they are quite the opposite. Smart,… Continue

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Hip Hop What's There Drink Of Choice

For the coolest black clubbers in town, there's only one recreational drug - Cristal champagne. The Handicapped Chef Carlton Haynes finds out why rappers prefer to revel with Roederer

Sunday evening, Greenwich Village. It's a balmy summer night, and inside the Lotus, one of New York's elite restaurant-nightclubs, the temperature is rising. It's the busiest night of the week, the upscale, predominately black crowd is dressed to… Continue

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Even The Handicap Can Cook: Classic Comfort Food ; A preview from my book

When you need feel-good food fast, turn to these updated classics to get you out of the kitchen and at the dinner table in no time

The Menu

Comfort foods are an American family tradition. Try your hand at this menu filled with… Continue

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I 'm Being Interviewed

I would like to interview you for my column on ..www. poormagazine. .. org.. Illin-N-Chillin.. PNN is a multi-media access project of POOR Magazine, dedicated to reframing the news, issues and solutions from low and no income communities, as well as providing society with a perspective usually not heard or seen within the mainstream media.

PNN news is generated in the Community Newsroom, and is published each week on… Continue

Added by The Chef on May 28, 2008 at 12:39am — 1 Comment

“If music be the food of love, then why not combine them?”

Everyone accepts the fact that music makes an excellent accompaniment to cooking and dining, but I look at this phenomenon from a slightly different perspective. Over the years it transpires that just about all of us, editors and writers alike, enjoy cooking (and eating), but… Continue

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An Interview with LL Cool J........What's your favorite food? LL: You gotta be kidding

In the twenty years that LL Cool J has been in the entertainment business as both a rapper and an actor, he certainly has grown with time. When it comes the film world, the roles that he's getting these days have doesn't require a lot of physical work and has him doing more acting. Now only is he producing films, but he's also about to launch a clothing line. he just finish the movie"Last Holiday" in which… Continue

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Makin Pies with Erika and Ms. Scott

This weekend has been really good. I had our first Pie Day Friday. There will maybe soon be more feminine friends joining us on Pie Day Friday, like Erika and Ms, Scott but for the first time it was just my pies and I. The point of Pie Day Friday (yes, I realize I’ve said “Pie Day Friday” a million times already, and there’s another usage to tally up for your charts) is to make a pie, have fun while doing… Continue

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