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Battling Mental Health Stigmas with Passionate and Profound Music- Miserableisobel Inspires with New Music

A skilled and creative singer-songwriter, Miserableisobel is lighting the way forward with immersive new singles, “Alice” and “Bonnie and Clyde”

Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom — August 10th, 2022 – For rising artist Miserableisobel, making music is not just a beautiful medium of self-expression and art, but also a means to enlighten people regarding crucial life issues and inspire positivity in everyone’s lives.

The prolific artist’s newest releases, “Alice” and “Bonnie and Clyde” deliver a heartfelt, passionate, and mellow musical experience that will take audiences through a whirlwind of emotions. Profound, raw, and honest lyricism is what makes Miserableisobel stand out amidst a vast mix of singers and artists, and she is set to soar even higher.

While much of contemporary music steers further away from meaningful narratives and focus remains on illusory motifs that do not take risks, Miserableisobel’s music is a refreshing new wave. Talking about things that matter, the dynamic artist does not shy away from themes that are hard but necessary to be discussed.

With her rich and relatable musical style and songwriting, the eclectic artist is staying true to her promise of battling stigmas associated with mental illnesses. Aspiring to advocate for mental health and raise awareness through her platform, the talented singer hopes to give audiences a shoulder of familiarity with the new singles.

Listeners of Miserableisobel’s music will find both “Alice” and “Bonnie and Clyde” to be emotion-fueled, layered, and moving compositions. Both records will make audiences feel touched, moved, and understood by the striking song writing- a goal that the rising artist aims to achieve through her music.

Independently writing and singing all her songs, Miserableisobel collaborates with contemporary artists on composing beats and rhythms. She delivers a distinctive energy of her own, embracing positivity through her each track.

“I hope it makes listeners feel less alone, they enjoy the music and can relate to some of it. I am passionate about mental health and hoping to work in it too as well as my other passions: music and writing,” says Miserableisobel regarding her music.

Check out Miserableisobel on Spotify and iTunes and download, stream, and buy the artist’s new music! Follow her on social media for news on new music and reach out to the artist through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations!




A brilliant artistic force, Miserableisobel is the stage name of singer-songwriter, author, and mental health advocate, Caitlin Strømmen. The artist started releasing music under her stage name after originally dropping singles under the given name, Caitlin Strømmen.

For Miserableisobel, the shift came after signing to Bentley Records io, marking a new wave in her career. A talented singer, Miserableisobel inspirations musically include the likes of Maisie peters, Taylor swift, Florence and the machine, King Princess, Marina, and Lorde. Her goals are to reach people through her music and writing and to remove the stigma around lesser-known mental illnesses that are stereotyped such as psychosis and schizophrenia. A schizophrenic and former anorexic, the artist hopes to inspire body positivity and help audiences out with her art.


Name: Caitlin Strømmen
Phone: 07817596964



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