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Authentic, Funky, and Gritty Electronic Soundscapes- DJ KieFBoXxX Marks Resurgent Return with New Album

Titled, “Letting Go Of Nothing,” the pulsating new album is rife with unique sounds, big name features, and a passionate, exciting, and memorable tracks

Seattle, Wa —September 2nd, 2023 – Seattle House DJ and a hidden gem who had been taking a break from the music scene, KieFBoXxX is back and better than ever. Bringing years of experience, the Seattle-based artist ends his 15-year hiatus and is looking forward to creating a ‘bang!’ with his new album, “Letting Go Of Nothing”.

Featuring artists such as Twista, Krayzie Bone, Krizz Kaliko, Twisted Insane, Ritz, Lex Bratcher, and many others, the flaming new record has these artists spinning magic at 125 bpm mixing bass house, Electro House, G House, Tech, and other genres.

KieFBoXxX’s music has a very authentic and unique feel to it, layered and energizing. This music is just different. Krizz Kaliko comes really hard on “Kiss The Poison“, KieFBoXxX mixes in some 12 year old bars from his rap release “The Dilemma with Krayzie Bone,” presenting audiences with an unparalleled experience.

“I love the risks, the unique sound, the authentic feel, and it is new. My favorite song is the Twisted Insane feature, “Insane Pressure”. If you don’t Bob your head to this track at the very least, you might want to check your pulse,” says the artist regarding his newest record.

KieFBoXxX only recently started a new record label out of Seattle as well called, “CheefBox Records ” and is joined by former model and Slovenian bombshell Maja “Chee” Hlavaček, as well as award winning artist, and tattoo icon, Jeremy Maurstad from Portland.

Elizabeth Barney will be supporting the label with web development, Sav (Savanna) has also recently joined and is a huge player inbthe EDM scene as she throws festivals all over the country. Milly Millz, (Sacramento stand out female vocalist) will be joining the label and she has been featured on many big name artists albums and videos, out of the NorCal/Sacramento area. Tempol from the Phillipines has also signed, and he has been a huge surprise as he has leaked some new music that aims to stun the R&B world!

CheefBox Records is certain to become a label to contend with in the indie Rap, R&B, and House scene! The record provides audio recording services, artist management, album production, production courses, DJ Courses, modeling coaching and courses, digital and album artwork courses, and boast an endless selection of clothes and swag in their merchandise store.

Check out DJ KieFBoXxX’s newest music on Soundcloud and Spotif! The talented artist will be releasing 4 new tracks over the next few weeks featuring Twista, Krayzie Bone, Twisted Insane, and Krizz Kaliko- keep an eye out to experience the new age of electronic!



KieFBoXxX’s bold and one-of-a-kind record label, “CheefBox Records” has expanded its roster to include B Dot Dub, a close friend of Keith’s and the other half of the duo known as Dilemma, which released a rap album in 2014. Recognizing the sheer talent in B Dot Dub’s voice, Keith eagerly signed him to CheefBox Records, adding another layer of creativity and diversity to the roster.

As DJ KieFBoXxX’s CheefBox Records continue their journey, they remain committed to fostering an environment of love, respect, and humility. The eclectic collective aims to provide a platform for artists to express themselves authentically, showcasing their unique talents and perspectives. With Tempol and B Dot Dub on board, Chief Box Records looks to the future with excitement and anticipation, ready to make a lasting impact.

Built on the principles of love, respect honesty, authenticity, integrity, humility, and spiritual awareness, the unrivalled label is set for success and aim to become a breath of fresh air for the industry, building an admirable culture of positivity!


Name: CheefBox Records



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