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An Unparalleled Face of Soul and R&B- LS Lighter Shade Drops New Single “Will You Ever Know”

Bringing a sense of authenticity to the music world, LS Lighter Shade hopes to make people understand love, compassion, and all the lost values of today

Summerville, Georgia —May 10th, 2023 – LS Lighter Shade brings with his music a wave of unprecedented talent and creativity. With his scintillating new single “Will You Ever Know,” the formidable artist is proving himself yet again. Stunning audiences with his eclectic craft, the magnetizing singer-songwriter hopes that audiences will resonate with his brilliant craft and thought-out, contemplative songwriting.

Taking R&B to a whole new level, LS Lighter Shade dropped his new single on April 28th, 2023, brimming with infectious rhythms and bold, honest songwriting. Titled “Will You Ever Know,” the new single features an immersive take on the genre, replete with all the elements which have sculpted LS Lighter Shade’s persona.

A singer and songwriter who traverses the R&B and Soul genres through his characteristic writing, LS Lighter Shade sheds light on everything which he has been through in his life. From the countless hardships underpinning his life’s early years, the artist found a catalyst for his passion and remains strongly motivated towards making a difference in the world.

Crafting a noteworthy, unparalleled ‘legacy’ for his audiences, the artist hopes to enact meaningful change with his foundation- ‘My Legacy’ that helps people around world with endemic issues. From medical homelessness to single parenthood and several other issues, LS Lighter Shade hopes to bring about change for the world from just one building.

“My love for music and for telling my true story to show that I am still fighting and never giving up and to keep trying to help people out. Thanks to Father God and my fans, my family and friends- hopefully I will reach my goals,” says LS Lighter Shade, regarding his music and future.

Stream LS Lighter Shade’s new music on his official music streaming platforms and buy his new music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes and other streaming services!

Google LS Lighter Shade and discover the powerful story that he has to tell. For more information email the artist at robertashleyedwards1976@gmail and reach out through private messaging for interviews collaboration and other opportunities.



Aiming to bring love and compassion back into a world which has lost it all, singer-songwriter LS Lighter Shade has gone through a number of trials and tribulations, having been homeless his entire life and still going through a number of issues today. Knowing what it means to be on the streets, the artist has always been inspired by his faith in God to persevere through darkest of times.

In the future, LS Lighter Shade hopes to be able save lives with his music, improving his life and the life of his close loved ones. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Boyz11Men, Shai, 112, cmb, and other icons, the artist is determined to share his story about everything that God has done for him.


LS Lighter Shade
Name: LS Lighter Shade
Phone: 12692451426



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