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An Iconic Movement of Inspiring, Uplifting, and Hardcore Hip Hop- GEEDASHAM Releases Disruptive New Album

Highlighting the power of his message that ‘Society Hasn’t Accepted Me (S.H.A.M),’ GEEDASHAM presents an inventive Hip Hop record

Orlando, Florida —  July 28th, 2023 – GEEDASHAM’s electrifying discography takes a new turn with the release of his stunning new record- “Geedasham’s Drill/Trap Instrumentals.” Boasting an originality, flair, and perspective-driven take on the R&B and Hip Hop genre, the seasoned artist is ready for the next phase of his career.

With rich, immersive, and inspiring messages underpinning a formidable tracklist, GEEDASHAM invites listeners to a different state of mind. Away from the mainstream rhythms and stories fixated upon everyday materialism, the prolific soundmaker is poised to create impact with his 13-track release.

“Geedasham’s Drill/ Trap Instrumentals’ is an album which truly depicts the breadth, scope, and vision that the singer-songwriter represents. Raking in streams across the country and slated to become his finest work yet, the new album is an emblem of the artist’s running theme and message.

‘Society Hasn’t Accepted Me’ or SHAM as the artist likes to call it has become a part of GEEDASHAM’s identity. Voicing unheard narratives and emboldening a creative form of Rap, Reggae, and R&B, the artist expresses his love for Hip Hop through a growing, global movement.

An icon and a medium for those who have been unheard, neglected, and ignored by society for so long, GEEDASHAM’s music is bound to resonate far and wide. Streaming on more than 150 major music platforms, the new record ignites a fire of passion, drive, and energy within listeners.

“This music will inspire masses from all walks of life. My music will uplift the mood of the planet. I am confident this is one of the only albums you can play beginning to end without skipping,” says the artist regarding his music.

“Geedasham’s Drill/Trap Instrumentals” draws much inspiration from southside Jamaica, Queens, New York, and is an effort at expanding the SHAM music brand through Florida

Stream GEEDASHAM’s exciting new record, “Geedasham’s Drill/Trap Instrumentals” on your favorite music streaming platforms! Check out, download, and buy the artist’s music to support his powerful musical journey. Follow the artist on his social media to keep track of his new music:



Geedasham, hailing from Southside Jamaica Queens, draws inspiration from influential artists like Wu-Tang Clan, The Lox, Max B, Mos Def, Nas, Biggie, Big L, and others. Music has been a part of his life from a young age as he started playing instruments at the age of 3. With a deep passion for music and a diverse skill set, he excels in playing multiple instruments.

Geedasham has already dropped four mixtapes before this latest release, gaining recognition for his rapping abilities. However, he has now ventured into the world of music production. His goal is to release new music every summer, continuing to evolve as an artist and bring fresh sounds to his audience.


Name: Geedasham
Address: 2212 S chickasaw Trail, Unit 1076, orlando, Florida
Phone: 833 818 8330


Instagram: http://instagram/gdasham
YouTube: http://

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