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An Expressive and Electric Mix of Alternative, Electronic, and Indie Rock Tunes- Petit Loïck Releases New EP ‘Ultraviolet, Pt.2’

Spinning a number of vibrant and stunning genres, Petit Loïck continues his emotion-layered anthology with the second part of his album

Libreville, Estuaire, Gabon —April 28th, 2023 – An admirable talent who continues to take Alternative and Electronic music to undiscovered avenues, Petit Loïck is a formidable artist of today. With the release of his exciting new EP, ‘Ultraviolet, Pt.2’ the artist continues a journey across emotions, appeals, and an original blend of musical rhythms.

A multi-genre act, Petit Loïck has sculpted a one-of-a-kind presence in the industry with his melodic musical compositions. His singles such as “Another You” and “Summer Beach” have raked in 1000s of streams on Spotify alone, with the former amassing 11,807 listens and the latter having 6370+ streams.

Renowned for his immersive and riveting music, as well as live performances, the talented artist dropped his original record ‘Ultraviolet, Pt.2’ on April 25th, 2023. Straddling a number of genres such as EDM, Lo-Fi, and Indie-Pop, the artist displays a stunning breadth and range which few in the up-and-coming industry can rival.

Sure to become a hit, ‘Ultraviolet, Pt.2’ marks an effort by Petit Loïck to achieve his primary objective of succeeding in launching his own project. He hopes to transcend all boundaries and create an unprecedented impact in the music world with each successive release.

‘[This new project] is part of a series- I will not say that the music is unique, but we hasten to make this small difference – we mix sadness and joy in this album which helps our small community a lot,” says the artist regarding his memorable musical compositions.

Rooted within his music is a belief and a hope that all the listeners who are undergoing testing and trying times will be able to listen and enjoy the music and find a shoulder of support and relatability.

Stream Petit Loïck’s eclectic new record, ‘Ultraviolet, Pt.2’ on Spotify and other official music streaming platforms! Follow the artist’s journey on social media and immerse yourself in his artistic trajectory.



Petit Loïck is a rising musician who creates a world of contrasts in his music. His style presents both dark and sad moments, as well as moments of pure reflection with his inner self. The talented artist also expresses the fear of losing the people around him and the share of lies in himself that really hopes to regain a real smile. However, Loïck also presents a world full of festive joy that expresses the little time he has experienced from instances of joy and love throughout 2021 and 2022.

Petit Loïck has always had music as his only way to express his emotions. Although he has only been creating music for two years, his goal is simply to allow those in difficult times to take comfort and feel understood. Through his music, he hopes to create a connection with his listeners and provide them with a sense of comfort and understanding.


Petit Loïck
Name: Um Loïc
Address: Rue Sainte marie, Libreville, Estuaire, Gabon



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