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An Emblem of Empowerment And Empathy: Goddess Amorr Releases A Hit New Album That Enriches That Heart And Mind.

Goddess Amorr also known as Shayna Janae Flakes is a hit new up-and-coming artist who creates feel-good, charming music that uplifts the moods of all audiences.

Gadsden, AL —12th March 2023- Goddess Amorr also known as Shayna Janae Flakes is the newest, most exciting addition to the music industry who believes in the intrinsic connecting power of music. The singer has always been cognizant of the deep-rooted inequalities in the world, experiencing hurdles every step of the way. Her music serves as a gentle reminder of the more pleasing themes of life that one must focus on when trying to deal with harsh realities.

This newest album is a step in this direction. The album which was released in late March serves as a true testament to Goddess Amorr’s brilliant musical vision which encompasses everyone. ‘Mixed Emotions’ contains a complex story of several different realities. Shayna’s genius lies in her meticulous and sensitive portrayal of some of the deepest emotions that one feels in connection to the ups and downs in life. Through this collection, the singer provides the audience with an empathetic ear and reliable shoulder to help them face their problems head-on.

This collection of music is an inspirational insight into the personal realities of the artist’s life. The immense vulnerability that Shayna displays by speaking of the ‘Mixed Emotions’ in her life most aptly displays her profound strength. The eclectic artist’s core motivation remains her four children namely Aubree, Na’Shay, Aquarius Jr., and Alani who help form the essence of the message that she wishes to bring into this world.

Discover the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube, Spotify, and her website at the following link Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this



On a fateful day on March 29, 1996, a “Goddess” was born namely Shayna Janae Flakes who was destined for great things. The young singer has been interested in music since a very young age, choosing it as her most preferred medium of communication. She would listen to melodious R&B tunes to help soldiers through the difficult circumstances she was in. In this sense, music became a brilliant means of escape for the singer. Her biggest supporters were always her family from her proud mother cheering for her choir performance in secondary school to her four children hanging on to her each musical performance today.

Goddess Amorr auditioned for America’s Got Talent in 2017 but was unsuccessful. Using this as a learning experience, the star set out to perfect her craft. Her first single, “Man of My Dreams”, launched on SoundCloud and hit 11k views within 9 hours of being released. Currently, she just dropped her first debut album, “Mixed Emotions”, available on all platforms near you. She looks forward to eventually becoming of the greatest independent artists the industry has seen in a while!


Goddess Amorr
Name: Goddess Amorr



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