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A Unique Amalgamation of Rap and Rock that Empowers Listeners- Rising Artist Jesus Outshines All with New Single

Garnering 1000s of streams across platforms already, Jesus continues his noteworthy streak with new release, “Gun Laws”

Tulsa, Oklahoma —June 19th, 2023 – Accentuating a critical, moving, and pertinent subject, singer-songwriter Jesus presents his finest and most authentic work yet with new single- “Gun Laws.” 2023 has already been a fantastic year for the diligent artist, who has released a series of captivating singles in the past few months. With his newest drop, Jesus brings to the stage an unforgettable experience for his audiences.

Titled “Gun Laws,” the artist’s new single features bold and authentic songwriting, use of emotive and passionate imagery and icons, and Jesus’ powerful vocals. However, the most compelling aspect of his work remains the vision that the young, talented, and skilled prodigy brings to the table.

“Gun Laws” is an honest portrait of modern-day America, and brings audiences into a world which seems very much like their own. Addressing the injustices that permeate within society in a unique, flowing, and smooth manner, Jesus has undoubtedly proven that he is here to stay!

Before “Gun Laws,” Jesus released a number of other striking singles to embellish his discography and trajectory in 2023. His noteworthy singles from the past months includes “All the Smoke,” “Tremor,” “Tulsa,” “Warlord,” “Weinstein,” and the favorite cult classic, “Evil 2.”

With some tracks receiving upwards of 15K+ streams on Spotify alone, Jesus has quickly shown the world (especially all those who doubted him) that he has a thirst for success. Blending Rap and Rock, the seasoned singer-songwriter has fortified his brand as the ‘real-est’ artists who have risen from the iconic Detroit city.

“Gun Laws” released for listeners on June 4th, 2023, and is steadily becoming a resounding success for the bold singer-songwriter.

Stream Jesus’ new single on Spotify and other official music streaming platforms, and reach out to the artist through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities!



Jesus, an exceptional artist blending Rock and Rap, has a remarkable background as a singer-songwriter. Raised by a single parent in the challenging neighborhoods of Detroit, he encountered hardships that led him to associate with a gang initially. However, driven by a desire to pursue a music career, he made the courageous decision to depart from the streets. Though he faced difficulties in defining his musical style, Jesus eventually discovered his distinctive sound, which is nothing short of extraordinary.

Recently, Jesus unveiled his latest single titled “Gun Laws,” which has already generated substantial anticipation among listeners. This track stands out due to its fusion of rap and rock elements, creating a truly unique and captivating experience for the audience. His motivation behind releasing this single is to share his refined sound with the world, as he aspires to achieve widespread recognition and dominate the music charts in the future. With this newfound artistic direction, Jesus is poised to leave a lasting impact and make a significant mark in the music industry.


Name: Jesus
Phone: 918-875-4439

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