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A Shimmering Glimmer of Hope and Peace amid Turmoil – Priests of Melchizedek Inspire with New Christian Single

Steadfast in the face of life’s trials and challenges, singer-songwriter Edwin and the Priests of Melchizedek emphasize the intricate relationship with Christ

Vancouver, BC, Canada — An empowering Christian single, the Priests of Melchizedek’s newest drop, “Upon All People” is one which takes audiences through a whirlwind of emotions. The emotion-fueled, layered single enunciates a string of heartening messages, based on the scripture.

The mellow and poignant single, “Upon All People” remains part of the Priests of Melchizedek’s record and features songwriting which is unmatched. Rooted within Christian messages, the new single is an upbeat and uplifting single which truly expresses the artist’s love and devotion towards the Lord.

His passionate and inspirational record is dedicated to Ziggy Sigmund- the late member of the band who quit Econoline Crush and joined Edwin’s band- the Priests of Melchizedek. However, the talented icon passed away before he could play on the album. The new composition’s release date coincides with the day the coroner proclaimed the death of Ziggy Sigmund.

“Upon All People” departs from the soul-stirring writing of the scripture from the prophecy in Joel 2 and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter-day rain.

“People love my music because it brings them peace in the midst of the storm. Obviously, I am a Christian and my relationship with Jesus defines who I am. as it does with each member of the band,” says the artist regarding his musical craft.

The Priests of Melchizedek are hopeful that their collective efforts will prove to be transformative in the lives of their many fans. The artists are hoping that their work will be turned into a ministry and their efforts will resonate among all who are engrossed by his craft.

Stream The Priests of Melchizedek’s new single, “Upon All People” on the artists’ official music streaming platforms. Follow the band on social media and contact him through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.



A driving force behind The Priests of Melchizedek, Edwin is a singer-songwriter who is missing half of the first 3 fingers of his left hand but despite all hardships has continued to persevere. The artist has written over 250 songs that can be heard by all kinds of audiences. Returning to music from a 25-year hiatus, The Priests of Melchizedek frontrunner has written over 250 powerful songs in 10-12 years. His band continues to support him on each project and each of them brings to the table a distinctive and skillful set of sounds. Together, Edwin and his fellow artists have sculpted a unique name and an interesting Christian Progressive Rock sound for the band.

Edwin’s disability does not hamper him from creating good music and considering the brilliant trajectory he has been on, audiences can expect nothing short of greatness.


Priests of Melchizedek
Name: EdwinFJCanfield
Address: 405-176 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: 1 236 863 0663

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