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Is Soulja Boy Tellem the Future of Hip-Hop Music?

Is Soulja Boy the future of the young hip-hop movement? A lot of questions will be answered with the Atlanta native's second album iSouljaBoytellem.
A new shoe deal with Yums, a new cartoon in the works, over 5 million views on YouTube, and a new outlook on how to market and promote yourself as an artist, this is Soulja Boy's make or break album.
Also noticeably upgraded is Soulja Boy's attitude and ego. During the first album promotion, the campaign was to create a look and style that everyone can buy into with the rubberband chain and the sunglasses.
This time around, fans are viewing Soulja Boy referring to himself as a "boss" and his home videos "Rich N##ga Sh#t", where he's doing all types of crazy stuff with his new money.

While his singles for the promotion of iSouljaboy haven't generated the interest of his landmark single Crank Dat, he still headlined the BET hip-hop awards, and his public feuds with hip-hop icon Ice T and now Charles Hamilton have garnered the hip-hop world's attention.

Soulja Boy is currently banking on the success of his Platinum in a Week campaign that he has been promoting through his various video and audio outlets.

A lot rides on the success of this album, he knows it, the label knows it. Will his fans come out and support? We'll wait for the first week sales to determine that.

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Comment by Gansta Marcus on February 21, 2020 at 9:00am

Like the article. Have a look at this related article Did Soulja Boy Kill Music and Introduce Social Media?


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