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Plies has been on a rapid-fire album release schedule with his third album in 18 months entitled The Realist. While Plies has caught a lot of criticism for "over-doing" the goon talk in his rhymes, people overlook the fact that as a rapper he has featured any rap guest appearances on any album and he shoots 3-4 videos per album project, which end up on YouTube as opposed to the one video you receive from most artists on a major label.

1. Me & My Goons
2. F**k U Gon' Do Bout It
3. Gotta Be
4. Want It, Need It
5. Plenty Money
6. Family Straight
7. Make a Movie
8. 2nd Chance
9. Spend the Night
10. Heard of Me
11. All Black
12. Street Light
13. I Chase Paper
14. Pants Hang Low
15. Co-Defendant
16. Put It on Ya

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