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ArtistPR's Blog – November 2021 Archive (12)

Akanny, Artista Colombiano Lanza Luna su nuevo sencillo

Barranquilla, Atlantico, ColombiaAkanny Lanza su mas reciente Sencillo Titulado Luna “Dedicatoria a un Amor Imposible”

“LUNA” Es el mas reciente sencillo de Akanny, después de salir de una pandemia mundial como lo es el Covid 19, el Artista quiere con este sencillo entregar…


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Enriching Songwriting Blended within Memorable and Meaningful Rap: STAR MONEY Stuns with Stirring New Album

STAR MONEY’s new release, “TAMMY WORLD”, is set to create a storm in the world of Rap, establishing the budding artist in the vibrant Hip Hop musicscape.

Chandler, Az — November 25th, 2021- With the drop of his dynamic new album titled, ‘Tammy World’, and hip new single “Juice ft. Memo600”, STAR MONEY is amassing staggering views…


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A South African Underground Rapper Breaks The Silence.

Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

Baddvibes O’Malley, an underground rapper from Limpopo, South Africa,  finally comes out of the shadows after 5 years recording music without recognition.

Born and raised in the slumps of South African Village, this rapper sounds like he grew up in ATL. Hip Hop fans are really going to love his music because of his variety of musical flows. He is releasing a single titled…


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T. Ledger is releasing three projects in a Month!

Laverton, Victoria, Australia — Must admit, T. Ledger is hard working. Does most of his artistic endeavours himself. Red is a very long project, but makes sense to be so in the long scheme of things. Pop. is coming out on the Third of December if everything goes to plan, and with a full stop you can sense a bit of frustration that T. Ledger isn’t at the top of the charts yet. Or he’s just trolling as some of the material on Pop. is quite anti the…


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Effortless, Authentic and Hard-Hitting Hip Hop: SKG Partners with BOOSIE BAD AZZ and RAZ-B in New Single

In a stunning Hip Hop collaboration, dynamic Rap artist SKG stuns listeners with a compelling new single and music video, “Bad Azz Bitch”.

Los Angeles, California — November 14th, 2021 – An eclectic talent in Rap, SKG is a rising female artist who is driven to establish her own foundation within a heavily male-dominated musical world. Using her dynamic vocal talents and hard-hitting lyricism, the artist hopes to channel her unique…


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Who’s This Peter ParkWay? Everyone’s talking about?

Somerset, New Jersey — When asked… “Who’s Peter ParkWay” A lot of questions arise. Is he a Musician or Merchant? Who knows!

Well, lately more than often. The Hip Hop community is getting the answer there looking for… Everywhere.

With his signature sound OY3 (Opportunity You 3arned) which he made into a Acronym. (His own personal Niche as he refers to it) Is being used by everyone.



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The Pursuit of a Cathartic Rap Experience: Rapper La’pole DaDon will be the Next Big Thing with New Single ‘Now&Days’

As a rising artist in one of the toughest industries, La’pole DaDon understands what it’s going to take on his behalf for him to become a true rap legend.

Cincinnati, Ohio – September 4th, 2021- The rap industry is well-known for being a very unforgiving and brutal sphere in music, especially for rising artists who are looking to develop their careers and make a name for themselves. The odds don’t frighten La’pole DaDon, an…


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Kenny Potter, 15 year-old writer, producer, and singer is breaking ground in the pop scene.

Evans City, PA — Kenny Potter is a 15-year old writer, producer, and singer. Currently pushing out catchy, melodic, and lyrical pop hits straight from his bedroom. Kenny spends most of his time writing, producing, and recording from his bedroom in Pittsburgh suburbia. With every song, he stays reliant in putting all of himself into every word and note. He practices an art most relatable and meaningful to him.

Kenny recalls a fascination in music…


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Eyleo is going to shake the table and cause an uproar with the strong messages in this electric pop release.

Port Neches, Texas— Eyleo’s new recent release, “Unwanted Company”, is exactly what the world needs to hear. This catchy song was written with the intent to fill the listeners with a sense of empowerment and careless freedom.

If you love the fun and intimate sound of dance-pop music, Unwanted Company embodies those favored elements. Need a quick energy booster? Eyleo’s track will get you there. This song is currently streaming and accessible on all…


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Big JLD Will Be Debuting His First EP on November 5th, 2021. And As Always, You Are On HIS Timeline.

Columbus, Ohio — Big JLD is an up and coming artist from Columbus, Ohio.  His Inspiration comes from “Big Kritt”, “Juice Wrld”, Kanye, Kid Cudi and Alternative Rock.  Infusing all of those sounds together, you get Big JLD.

Big JLD will be debuting his first EP on November 5th, 2021.   And as Always you are on his Timeline!

“Im only going to get better and music is more than a hobby to me.”

Go to all Music Platforms…Spotify, Apple Music,…


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Local Artist Gaining Industry Attention.

Columbia, Mo — Hayti’s very own hip-hop artist goes from peanuts to primetime by dedicating time to a craft he started over 20 yrs ago. Being released from prison in August of 2018 this rapper has done nothing but apply pressure to the music industry from the day of his release.

There’s been a lot of activity in the past few months pertaining to OPW’s Hayti Flame. From videos on YouTube to singles out on Apple Music and Spotify. From live…


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Who Is Gianna J.?

White plains, New York — Gianna J. is a New York based artist who uses her music to express hidden emotions or feelings that may be harder to express through just words. From writing about her battle with anxiety to singing about the loss of a loved one, she hopes to make music that people can connect to and possibly help them understand their own emotions.

Gianna writes music dedicated to people of this society that feel that they are not being…


Added by ArtistPR on November 1, 2021 at 8:00am — No Comments

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