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ArtistPR's Blog – September 2022 Archive (42)

A Sublime New Age Record with Inspiring Instrumentation – Dixon Doll Jr. Fascinates with Powerful 13-Track Album

Presenting a stirring piano solo that ushers listeners into an awe-inspiring wave, Dixon Doll Jr.’s album, ‘Ten Years’ is a truly timeless record

San Mateo, CA — September 27th, 2022 – An album that spans 13 tracks and a myriad of emotions, Dixon Doll Jr.’s striking musical record, ‘Ten Years’ is rife with soulful instrumentation, unmatched melodies, and a distinct flow. A new…


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Resurgent Rock with a Unique Style- Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions Unveil Stunning New Rock Album

With their intimate and heartening new EP and forthcoming ‘Destiny Road’ album, Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions mesmerize all

Park City, UT — September 23rd, 2022 – Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions are known for their passionate, and soulful compositions. With their new EP set to drop in December 2022, the Gary Dranow-led band is setting its sights on newer targets.

The established collective is looking forward to…


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The new hot singer songwriter

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Penton lee lewis who is also known as lee lewis or musician honesty is hitting up the charts with his album “19” and hit song murder case.

Penton Lewis is a Philadelphia hip hop rap singer who by the way is 19 years old. He lives with his mom and brothers.  He started singing at the age of 9. But made it to mainstream at the age of 18

”the most talented, honest singer out there”

Penton Lewis’s new single…


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Hard-hitting Riffs and the Electrifying Groove of Rock n Roll- Rock Prodigy Mark Farias Amazes with New Album

Brimming with Energy, Flair, and Emotion- ‘Pretty Things’ is Mark Farias’ brilliant take on the Rock n Roll genre

Lompoc, California — September 30th, 2022 – Having recently dropped his striking new album “Pretty Things,” Mark Farias is putting on show the range of artistic talent and skills he has to share with the rest of the world.

Titled “Pretty Things,” Farias’ debut album is a unique blend of energy, emotion, and…


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Intimate Acoustic Rhythms and Soul-Touching Songwriting – American Indie Artist Alec Leon Drops Profound New Single

“Underneath the Moonlight” is a moving spectacle of layered and beautifully crafted lyrics and soothing rhythms

Phoenix, Arizona — September 30th, 2022 – Stirring emotions with his moving, honest, and poignant musical character, singer-songwriter Alec Leon is a promising name in the Soul and Acoustic genre. An ingenious American Indie songwriter, rapper, and musician, Alec’s genre-fluid musical style sets him apart from other rising…


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Enlivening Pop Tunes and Hypnotic Lyricism to Feel the Vibes- Ellison Smerdon Debuts with Incredible New Single

A rising singer who is passionate about making their mark, Ellison Smerdon amazes all with their distinctive debut track, ‘Happy Friday’

San Francisco, CA —September 15th, 2022 –Embracing all the happy vibes and adding a tinge of brightness, color, and life amidst the changing times, Ellison Smerdon is a singer who needs to be watched out!

The eclectic artist’s remarkable new debut single “Happy Friday” is already making the…


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Breathing Life into Summer Feelings with Vibrant Electronic and Dance Pop Music – TOMiGOTTi Amazes with New Single

Live, experience, and enjoy- TOMiGOTTi’s new single “Everytime,” is an emotional single that highlights how important it is to let go and flourish

Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria — September 30th, 2022 – Be it infectious Pop and Dance beats or magnetizing Electronic rhythms, TOMiGOTTi’s newest single, “Everytime,” has got it all. Inviting listeners to lose themselves in the power of emotions, the new…


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A Striking Hip Hop and Rap Thriller to Stimulate Listeners – Singer-Songwriter Xoutik Showcases His Talent with New Single

“Freeky Jason” is an immersive, captivating, and spine-chilling track by Xoutik, which displays the artist’s lyrical expertise and creative spirit

Atlanta, Georgia —September 27th, 2022 – A new sensation is hypnotizing the world of Hip Hop, Rap, and Dance with his seasoned songwriting abilities and enviable creative style. Ingeniously crafting a world of his own, Xoutik introduces audiences to a spine-tingling reality with his new…


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Blending Harmonious Blues and Edge-Cutting Electronic and R&B Beats – 5280 High Flow Presents Energizing Rhythms

With his gripping musical compositions that range from heartening Blues to electric and hardcore Hip Hop, 5280 High Flow channels a unique style 

Aurora, Colorado — September 25th, 2022 – A gifted and compelling singer-songwriter whose music spans a rich range of genres from Hardcore Rap and Hip Hop to tuneful Rock and Soul, 5280 High Flow…


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Enthusing Listeners to Enjoy Every Moment of Life and Live to the Fullest- ViennaCC Inspires with New Dance Pop Album

Under the Heinz Riemer Music label, ViennaCC is amazing audiences yet again with his fantastic new 6-track record, “Shopping- EP”

Vienna, Vienna, Austria — September 26th, 2022 – Mesmerizing audiences with his fantastic Pop and Dance singles, “Shopping Queen” and “Here Comes the Attraction”, talented singer-songwriter ViennaCC is embracing the best of his craft. Released as…


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Tarde de Sol, Infatuation and Desire in the New Release by Franchico Benítez

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Overall Impression: Fran Chico Benitez has released his new Latin Pop song Tarde de Sol. Sung entirely in Spanish, Tarde de Sol is a song of infatuation and desire. Memories and images of that special someone run through the listener’s head and makes them question whether they were real or just a dream. The acoustic guitar provides a simple and sweet accompaniment that allows the lyrics and vocals…


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Not Just Another Country Pop Song! Pickleback Shine Drops New Single that Guarantees a Smile and Feel Good Vibe

“Just Another Song”, is the newest addition to a portfolio of music that appeals to all ages, demographics and musical tastes.

Los Angeles, CA — Pickleback Shine is known for creating music that provokes a special feeling in the hearts and minds of  listeners. The band’s philosophy is to create music that inspires feelings of hope, optimism, cheerfulness and evokes a positive emotional reaction. …


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Show and Prove: Lil Bro Big Deal Goes Viral On TikTok with Hit Single “Rick Ross” @ 300k

Lubbock, TX — JuuG or Bust? Lil Bro Big Deal is gonna “Bust a JuuG” and it has paid off with the success of the Snack Money Beatz produced Viral TikTok banger “Rick Ross“. Get Ready to “Bust It…


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Scintillating Latin Pop-Music That Makes The Audience Groove: Jessi-O Releases A Hit New Single, “La Mascarada”, For Audiences From All Around The World.

“La Mascarada” is a deeply intimate and beautifully catchy musical masterpiece that envelops the listener with hopefulness and happiness.

Miramar, Florida —September 19th, 2022- Jessica Obregon, also known as Jessi-O, is a new up-and-coming artist who uses music as a means to relay the ups and downs of her life. The rising star wishes to become the next Latin pop-star sensation who uses her…


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Reggae Reinvented with a Unique Style and Refreshing Twist – Upking Music’s S. Coop Drops New Music

A rebellious spirit driven for success in the music world, S. Coop is creating his own lane with his bold, uplifting, and unconventional rhythms

Brooklyn, NY —September 20th, 2022 – Revitalizing Dancehall and Reggae with his distinctive style and character, singer-songwriter S. Coop is capturing audiences with his new music. From his hip single “Lead,” which dropped on July 8th, 2022, to “Sheep Dem,” unveiled on August 26th, 2022, S.…


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Novì Releases New Single “Sneaky Link” Featuring Johni Demeatri Produced By E Jilla Beats

chicago, IL — Chicago Westside Female Singer “Johni Demeatri” Teams Up With “Novì” With A New Single Produced By E Jilla Beats “Sneaky Link”

Chicago’s Hottest New Supa Producer  “Novì” Teams Up With Johni Demeatri & Ejilla Beats

Hot Sexy Chemistry On The New Single Novì “Sneaky Link” Featuring Johni Demeatri Produed By E Jilla Beats

Yo B#%*$ Can’t Leave Me Alone True Or False Right Or Wrong, Yo Girl Can’t Leave Me Alone “Sneaky…


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The Futuristic, Electric New Face of Electronic Dance Music- Carl Langhley Drops Powerful New Single ‘VAX NO VAX’

A rising act in the electronic world, Carl Langhley is driven to break all barriers of conventional, typical styles and flourish with his own vibrant hues

San Daniele del Friuli, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy — September 20th, 2022 – Standing out amidst other contemporary artists, Carl Langhley is swiftly establishing himself as a unique and distinctly creative powerhouse. Renowned for his idiosyncratic styles when it comes…


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Engaging Songwriting and Meaningful Instrumentation– Progressive Rock Power Duo The Free Spirits Reloaded Drop New Track

“The Power of Our Love” is an soulful single by multi-instrumentalists who have mastered the improvisational art

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — September 18th, 2022 – An enchanting act in Progressive Rock, The Free Spirits Reloaded are mesmerizing audiences with the release of their enthralling new single, “The Power of Our Love.”

Set to drop on September 18th, 2022, the new single and music video…


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Scintillating New Hip-Hop and Rap Tunes: Your Entertainment My Life artist Yung Phree, Releases Hit Heartfelt Singles

 “My Baby” and “Why Do It Hurt” are deeply personal and beautifully crafted masterpieces that embody the depth of Phree’s musical project.

Atlanta, GA — September, 26th 2022- Yung Phree, of Your Entertainment My Life, is a new up-and-coming artist whose singles themselves deeply reflect the artist’s passion for music production. The rapper believes that music is truly supposed to play…


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Poetic and Stirring Grunge-Folk and Acoustic – Andrew Neil Amazes with Incredible New Album ‘Alien’

An authentic new record, ‘Alien,’ puts on display the Outsider Artist’s multi-genre range and soulful songwriting

Charlottesville, Virginia — September 15th, 2022 – Released under the label of Tree Heart Records, LLC, ‘Alien’ is a powerful, original new release by outsider artist Andrew Neil. The talented singer-songwriter is known for his Lo-Fi, Grunge-Folk blends which are underscored by a distinct and enigmatic…


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