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Can A Rapper from A Legendary Group W/ No Solo Albums Be Considered The Greatest??

RUN or DMC, Chuck D, MC Ren, Dre 3000, Q-Tip, Black Thought, Bun B, Ceelo Goodie, 8-Ball are all legendary MCs that were members of ground breaking groups in hip-hop history.

The question is in the never-ending greatest MC debates that Hip-Hop fans argue over constantly, can an MC whose most notable projects have been classic group albums, be considered an all-time great for their contribution to them?

Is putting together a great solo album as the lead contributor to songs and concepts a defining factor in deciding who is the greatest??? Discuss.

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In the case of Run, Melle Mel, Chuck D, Rakim all of which are legendary artists whose best work is in a group, I'd have to say ABSOLUTELY. Their work has shaped hip-hop culture so they get the nod for inclusion into that group.
There's a lot of artists who released some of the greatest group albums ever (Enta Da Stage/ Dah Shinin / The Score) but either the group fell-off or their solo career stuttered coming out the gate.
I think they can be taken into consideration...Lyrics is Lyrics bottom line...that's what being the GOAT is based on right?
Lyrics are lyrics but at the same time if you're in a group its not your complete concept and you have to contribute less verses to a group album. That's why LL is held in such high regard because in the era of the RUN DMC, Public Enemy, BDP, Juice Crew, here is this one guy standing on his own two feet - that has to count for something.

Run DMC is the only group besides Wu-Tang Clan where both members could easily be standouts. Some people liked DMC more, I think Run's impact is unmatched. Have you seen RUN DMC perform "Run's house" live?!!
Yeah when you put it like that i see where you coming from...that Dude LL did hold it down for DOLO when duos and groups were running shit


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