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Passionate Artist Living Life Optimistically is a acronym that well describes Yung Yung Pallo better known as Larry Lee. Clearly a genre busting artist that can dabble in Hip hop, Rap, R&B and Soul. Born in Hollywood, Florida raised in Broward and Sarasota County Streets. Pallo has captured the hearts of many with his soulful hiphop melody just as he did in his song called "One Day" which has currently received 6.3 million plays on worldstarhiphop.

Recently he delivered a soulful electrifying song called "Sound Good" produced by Shardy Pantz better known as Rashad Allen. This track is available on Sound Cloud and has already received a half of million plays. Sound Good has caught the ears of some A&Rs which has landed Pallo an distribution deal via Universal with Ingrooves. It has also charted well over 20 consecutive weeks on the DRT Independent charts as well in two other genres. He has recently released his first album titled, "The Life Of Pallo", with its inspiration stemming from Kayne West latest album title, "The Life Of Pablo" stating its an synopsis of his previous life.

Yung Yung Pallo states that it has been a real eye opening journey for him. From sleeping on the floor and couches of close friends, to living out his car, losing love ones and running the streets to survive. Pallo sheds all of his pain and experience in his music. He is currently the owner/artist at iGuap Stack Records. With dreams of becoming a music mogul legend and superstar actor, he is well on his way turning dreams into reality.

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