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At the core of everything, I am the vegetable king. My goal with my music and my brand is to be fun and to be real. I have an alternative style of sound as I take heavy influences from a lot of genres in the music I make. The core genre I combine it under is hip hop. I am almost ready to drop my first large project, which is a 14 song mixtape. I have a pretty solid single out right now that could use some promotion to buildup hype for my name and for the mixtape. I also have a music video of that song that can be promoted as well. 

I am currently sitting on another video that is ready to drop and that we should build up some hype for.

I feel like my biggest demographic would be young/young adult white people, mainly guys. Anywhere from 12-30, but predominantly around 16-24. My style of rap appeals to rebelliousness, weirdness, soulfulness, vegans, hippys, and youth/meme culture. Places that are hippy and vegan and people who are spiritual and do yoga and shit and smoke a lot of weed would really fuck with the type of music because it's heavily influenced by psychedelic and spiritual experiences. 

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