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Primo Starr: IPTV Presents I GOT NEXT

I've seen the future, and his name is Primo Starr. The Lauren, South Carolina native displays a great deal of versatility and showcases a bright future in his "A Starr Still Shines" EP, which is a 7 song journey through trunk rattling music that is popular throughout the South to Boom Bap on joints such as Starr Power.
The versality throughout artists in the Carolinas is evident in Starr's music as he mentions Heavy Chevys and reference a Biggie verse in the same song on What It Do.
"Thorobred" borrows the chord arrangement from Iron Maiden's Iron and its an abosolute banger.
Overall, A Starr Still Shines is certified music to ride to.

Who Does He Remind You Of?
Vocally, his voice and the way he harmonizes in his songs is similar to The Mayor of Dade County, Trick Daddy.

What sets Primo Starr apart from other rappers?

Caption: Primo Starr SHUTS DOWN industry showcase. Note the judges and crowd reaction.

What sets Primo Starr apart from his peers is his live performance, this is where he will make his mark and immediate impact in the music business. Primo's performance of his single "Say Hello To My Life" will grab you each and everytime.

He started in the game at an early age and started up a group known as B.R.E.E.D. which managed to gain enough buzz to land an indie deal with Universal Records. In his solo situation, Primo Starr has all of the tools to succeed in the music business.
"A Starr Still Shines EP" is a very solid listen. Listen to the CD HERE
and Purchase the CD at the link below.

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