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Nr-G - "Not My Type" ft. Kaiika Holiiday

"Nr-G (Nick Gomez) started making music in high school, but it wasn't until college where he met his now producer Ster the Blur. Their first show was at a house party in La Crosse where they opened for Milwaukee rapper Ishdarr. Nr-G realized he needed better music if he wanted a bigger following, so him and Ster began making a new song every other week. Nr-G release "all in the plan" in March of 2018, and Midnight Man I on August 8th. There's nothing he loves more than to get the crow involved at a show."

"Young man with a big dream. Passion for art of all types. Fuck censorship! There’s never a bad time to hear a new word. Love making people happy. Love over hate till the day I reach my fate." - Nr-G



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