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New Music Strategies: "What Does Spotify Mean?"

Andrew Dubber is a well-known digital music consultant and author of . will continue to run his column on our site to provide our members with the latest and greatest insight and commentary on the changes in digital music today.

What Does Spotify Mean?

I’m a few months late to the game, but I’ve finally been trying out Spotify properly and using it to listen to music at home. Many other people have written about this service, most of whom seem to be hugely impressed with the depth of catalogue, the reduced buffering and the overall concept: all music, free and legal.

I have to say, I was initially skeptical. I’m a long term iTunes user, because I think it’s a brilliant music database manager and player. I also like the ease with which it integrates into a wireless playback system in my house, and that it’s also the way in which I subscribe to podcasts and synchronise my iPod.

I don’t buy music from the iTunes store. Only ever did that once for research purposes - and it made me cross. Usual reasons - DRM, cost per track, that sort of thing. I’m a big eMusic fan, actually - and I like the way it integrates with iTunes (though I wish they’d think to embed the album covers within the mp3s).

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