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Nav Sandhu is a Music Executive on a Mission for Success

Nav Sandhu, a music executive, accomplished musician, and incredible record producer, is well-versed in the formula for success.


Nav Sandhu, also known as Navjot Singh, is a music producer from Patiala, Punjab, in northern India. He was born in November 1995. Nav moved to Canada for a change of environment after finishing his education at Khalsa College. He'd always loved music and knew he wanted to run his own business. At Lambton College's Mississauga campus, he obtained his certificate in International Business Management and started to fulfill his goals.


Despite his age, he was enthusiastic and determined to carry out his plan. His aspirations started to come true in 2013. He obtained a job as a digital marketer in the Punjabi music business. Through Brown Town Music, Nav Sandhu established himself as a music executive and song producer in 2019. As a musician, Nav understands what makes excellent music and, from personal experience, what it takes to go to the next level. As a consequence of his many albums and songs, Nav Sandhu has acquired a huge following on social media sites.


Thanks to his strong sense of the talent, he now has two artists for whom he has created entire bodies of work: singer-songwriter Jassa Dhillon and singer-music producer Gur Sidhu. Nav Sandhu, a multifaceted music executive, debuted alongside Gur Sidhu in May 2019 with the song "Moved On," which has over 5.5 million YouTube views. They went on to make "8 Parche," which includes Baani Sandhu and has 664 million views on YouTube. To hear Nav Sandhu and Gur Sidhu's amazing sound, listen to their complete body of work, "Nothing Like Before."


Nav teamed with Punjabi artist Jassa Dhillon on the song "Talja" earlier this year. The catchy music produced through cooperation captivated over 157 million individuals across the globe. They produced "Above All," a full piece of art that has hit after hit that listeners can't get enough of.


Nav Sandhu, a successful music executive, has shown that, regardless of his age, he is a force to be reckoned with. Raule, Pyar Bolda, Bhalwani Gedi, and Vaddi Galbaat are just a few of his popular songs, and audiences have reacted well to them. More of Nav Sandhu's work may be found on YouTube under the name Brown Town Music, and he also has an Instagram account called Nav Sandhu.



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