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AudioMack Promotions: How To Make Money With Your Music

AudioMack Promotions provides services for independent musicians, bands, singers, songwriters, producers, DJs, and other artists. They offer free tools and resources to help you grow your audience and earn money through streaming, downloads, and sales. Read More

5 Steps To Promoting A New Song On Spotify

Spotify is an online music streaming service that allows users to listen to millions of songs for free. It also offers paid subscriptions that allow users to download tracks for offline listening. The company has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2008, and now boasts over 50 million active monthly listeners. Read More

How To Make Money With Tidal Music Promotions

Tidal is an online streaming service that allows users to listen to music for free. Artists use this platform to promote their music and connect with listeners. Read More

Deezer Music Promotions - How To Make Money With Your Music On Deezer

Deezer Music promotion is an important part of any musician’s career. With over 100 million monthly active users worldwide, Deezer offers musicians a unique opportunity to reach new audiences through online advertising. Read More

5 Tips for Increasing Your Youtube View Counts Quickly

If you’ve ever tried to optimize your YouTube videos for search engines, you might have noticed that there are two different ways to do so. One method involves using tags and descriptions to describe your video and another uses keywords. Both methods work well, but some people prefer one over the other. Read More

Apple Music Promotions

Get Apple Music Promotions that increase downloads and allow your music to be charted in its genre. Read more

Guaranteed Radio Airplay - 150 Weekly Spins - Basic Promotions

The package of choice includes press releases and social media marketing postings. Artists' "song(s)" are submitted to the leading broadcast tracking source. These sources track radio airplay of songs worldwide. This tracking is about 5000+ radio stations. The submission includes FM Terrestrial, college, industrial, Non-industrial, and streaming internet radio stations. Read More

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