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Chorus: I got a "Million Dollar Swag" now these niggas out here hate me now, i'm out here on my grind stay dougie fresh all the time. Just now my chain hang low, we stacking money to the ceiling and you know we fresh to death and number one because we winning.

Lyrics: I got a "Million Dollar Swag" just hopped in a brand new Jag. With the all white Gucci boots, my girl she got swagger too. I'm out getting money, stacking paper everyday. If you a hater, bye hater cause I don't want to see you later.

The Million Dollar Swag Song was a hit single produced by Gansta Marcus for his album "Slick Rick." The song came out ahead of it's time. If you are looking for a new sound of music that's hot for everyone to listen too, then this is it.

Million Dollar Swag can be found on many digital music outlets for streaming. Show the underground boss love with the purchase of this track to your computer or musical device.

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Million Dollar Swag would have been a hit record during the time of it's release. No artist was making music of it's kind during that day. With lack of knowledge and promotion, Gansta Marcus could not see the music he created push through.

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