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Letoaalii Hughes, better known by his stage name Letoa, is an Australian-Samoan musician who has been gaining a massive following on the global aesthetic rap scene and amassing millions of views. He quickly became the most prominent figure in the aesthetic rap scene thanks to the popularity of his singles such as "Slatnoslime," "back it up," "E45," "ruger clap," "E-girl," and "guap." His online notoriety has made it possible for him to consistently drop hit singles.


Letoa, an independent rapper with much success, says his family was instrumental in his decision to pursue music. To provide for a family, his Samoan ancestors stressed the importance of working a full-time job. His three grandfathers, all jazz musicians, defied family tradition by pursuing unconventional careers. Because of what they did, Letoa gained the courage to follow his heart. He spent a lot of time as a teen with his cousins, and during that time he witnessed them making rap music and trading diss records in their bedrooms for fun. All of these things encouraged Letoa to go his own musical way.


Letoa likes to combine standard drum patterns with a wide variety of musical styles. With the instrumentals, he is free to experiment with his sound and try out new musical directions because of their inherent simplicity. Although still young, Letoa has already proven to be a successful businessman in the music industry. Because of his background as an independent musician, he is familiar with the industry's inner workings. The unprecedented success of his debut single, which was released almost three years ago, inspired Letoa to create more music. All of his prior success has helped him make connections with people who share his values, expanding opportunities for the rapper's artistic endeavors.


The ambitious high school graduate has big plans for the future, including adding to his already extensive body of work on a regular basis. He can't wait to establish his own voice and fan base. The artist's current priority is making more music for his listeners. Followers of Letoa's music can subscribe to his Instagram feed or his Spotify profile to be the first to hear new releases.

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