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Juic3Boy Drops A Hood Anthem With His New Single And Video "Cornerstore"

Hood to hood across America, you can always find a "cornerstore." This is usually a small "convenience" spot with over priced items that are often close to the "sell-by" date or opened items being sold individually. What makes the cornerstore such a monument in most neighborhoods though, is the extras. The chili and cheese they add to your chips. The $5 plain white or black tees. Single cigarettes. Many times even knock off brand clothes, shoes, belts, etc, and the love. The corner store owner often watches many of us and our children grow. It's the only place you can come in and buy some kool-aid, sugar, bread, cheese and turkey with a dollar, and bring them back the money owed. But the bond has to be there. This same bond of love and trust is often made out front as well. And because of these reasons, the cornerstore has become the center of motion in many urban communities.

And that's what helps add to the quality of Juic3Boy's latest single and video "Cornerstore." An ode to that special place many of us had our "first" of encounters. Both good and bad. We learned and grew there. And that's the exact vibe Juic3Boy caught with this song. That special place that always makes us feel like we made it home when we return. You would have to be from a certain living area to truly understand the depths of this song. But no matter where you are from,..."Cornerstore" paints a perfect picture in full color, and will have you feeling like you are right there in front of it. Check it out today!!

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