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Fabpz The Freelancer Drops His new Project "Underground Styling Breeze" A Perfect ode To Hip Hop, And Not What You Would Expect

Fabp AKA Fabpz The Freelancer has been working hard as ever in the underground scene. Continually releasing fresh music and doing things different from the rest has be a key to his growth. His latest project "Underground Styling Breeze" is next level and old school all at once. Fabpz not only spits real hip hop bars...but the project is a full fledged, boom bap, Hip Hop album. Complete with one of Hip Hp's most original ingredients. A place just about every artist started....the beatbox. 14 songs fill this project. Beatboxing complete. Definitely different, but an outstanding and creative homage to where so many in Hip Hop come from. Check it out today!!!

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