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Desperado Gang (@DesperadoGang1) - "The Art of Being R.E.A.L"


Track Listing:

  1. Desperado Gang
  2. Tony Yayo
  3. R.E.A.L.
  4. Dear Lord
  5. Nothin2Somethin feat. LeVon Dash
  6. We Cool feat. Allison
  7. RNS
  8. My City feat. Jako
  9. Slow It Down
  10. Remembrance

J.R Tha Prynce aka "The New Prince Of The South" and Geronimo "The American Reject" came together to combine to create "The Art Of Being R.E.A.L" which is based on ture events on there road to success. Friends were lost and hearts were broken along the way. This is our story.

Twitter: @DesperadoGang1

Instagram: @JrThaPrynce_sbmg @Geronimo_sbmg

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