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Baltimore Hip Hop's Online Destination for Self-Made Entrepreneurs Launches 'Artist Stores' Based on 360 Business Model recently launched Artist Stores, which is loosely based on the all-in-one artist experience that will soon dominate the music business.

How Does It Work??
On an artist page, it list t-shirts, books, and posters related to the artist that can be purchased as well. is already an online leader and other online music stores don't offer such a broad product base to compete with Amazon.

Artist bio and video, photo, and song recommendations are offered via SoundUnwound - which is a joint offering between IDMB and Amazon, which allows fans to edit artist info like

Here are some examples of Amazon Artists Stores that are currently available.
To browse the full selection of Amazon Artist Stores, visit

Coldplay Store ( featuring:
A pre-order for the band's new EP, "Prospekt's March"
"The Coldplay Story" - a timeline of the band's rise
A photo gallery
A variety of books and DVDs

Bob Dylan Store (
Display exclusive music video debut on of "Dreamin' of You"
A photo of the artist throughout the years

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