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Baltimore Hip Hop's Online Destination for Self-Made Entrepreneurs Partners with Music Technology Visionary Mr.Shadeed Eleazer Announces "The New Digital Music Biz" Partnership with Music Technology Visionary Mr.Shadeed
Florida -- (June 3, 2008) The South's #1 online hip-hop and R&B outlet has recently announced a partnership with New Media Architect and Consultant Mr.Shadeed Eleazer to deliver a series of informative technology related articles entitled The New Digital Music Biz.

Word of is taking its viewers into the future with the addition of technology visionary Mr.Shadeed Eleazer to its lineup. In his postings, Mr. Shadeed covers the latest news in technology as it affects the music business, and shares his own personal experiences from consulting the music business' top companies and entertainment entities, both large and small.

"The music business is currently in a state of chaos. Lay-offs are continuing by the hundreds at the major record labels, and the majority of artists who were double-triple platinum 5 years ago, are barely reaching gold today. As the industry continues to struggle, I have been adding my value through designing individual strategies for companies ranging from boutique labels, independent PR firms, to helping establish the next musical movements in the digital realm. I am honored to have this platform through Word of and I definitely thank Leon Bailey for possessing the vision to look towards the digital marketplace dominating music today," explains Mr.Shadeed

Mr.Shadeed enjoys discussing technology and the changes affecting the new music business.

To schedule phone and/or in-person interviews with Mr.Shadeed, simply email

For all Bloggers/ Independent Radio Stations/Podcasts

Bloggers who utilize this press release, email and provide script info about your blog/podcast and Mr.Shadeed will record an exclusive audio drop and email to you directly within 48 hrs.

For Bloggers, photos are available same day as your request at

For booking, speaking engagements, and radio/tv appearances, please contact so arrangements can be set.

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Comment by The Chef on June 12, 2008 at 3:09am

Thats a nice piece really like that,


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