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Brookyn Hip Hop Festival Holds Hip-Hop Family Day Event

In an open to letter to donors today Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Executive Director and Chair Wes Jackson announced the addition of 'Brooklyn Hip-Hop Family Day' to the main Festival day July 12th. Here are the contents of that letter:

"Donors, friends, sponsors and partners I am pleased to announce that on July 12th we will be adding a new element to our Festival programming, Brooklyn Hip- Hop Family Day. For the early part of the day, specifically from 12-4 pm, we will have special programming for families and our younger fans. We like to think of it as a block party or family reunion for all the supporters of Brooklyn Bodega and The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Our fantastic lineup of food and crafts vendors will be under the tent in the Tobacco Warehouse and on the grass in Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. Patrons will be able to enjoy the finest cuisine Brooklyn has to offer and sample the wares from the various designers and artists who will be in attendance.

Brooklyn Hip-Hop Family Day will also serve to shed the light on our cause issue this year, childhood obesity and the various afflictions associated with it. These diseases include asthma and diabetes, whose rates are abnormally high in inner city communities. Parents and youth alike need to understand what they can and must to do to protect their health. To that end, we are bringing in various organizations to jump start the education process. We will have food vendors specializing in healthy food alternatives, information on combating asthma triggers in the home, and to promote healthy activity we will have several local youth sports organizations in attendance.

We felt that adding Brooklyn Hip-Hop Family Day to The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival was key to our mission as the Festival reaches a wide age and gender demographic. Most Hip-Hop shows are dominated by young males while we have an almost 50/50 male/female ratio. And when those doors open at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park each year we see moms, dads, kids and even grandmothers. These are Hip-Hop families. Men and women who grew up on RUN DMC and KRS ONE. As much as we want to take care of our culture we at Brooklyn Bodega feel it is important we take care of ourselves and our families as well, both mentally and physically.

On July 12th bring your mom, your daughter, your niece, your nephew out to Empire Fulton Ferry State Park. From 12-4 pm we will take care of them and you. We will share a few tips with you, eat some good food and have an old fashioned block party. Looking forward to seeing you all."

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